Land Rover Series 3 Defender Nissan Navara Pickup

New MTB Support Vehicle

After many years of faithful service, the time has come to retire the iconic Land Rover Defender, that so many guests have relied upon. It has been a great vehicle, but has recently become too troublesome to be dependable, when dependability is what veichle support is all about!

The role of carrying gear, tools and refreshements and of towing the bike trailer will now be carried our by the altogether more modern and reliable Nissan Navara 4x4 pickup truck. We think you'll like it!

Katy Curd coaching at Pure Mountains Spain

Mountain Bike Skills Coaching Trip with Katy Curd, 8 to 13 September 2022

Brush up your riding skills with top coach, Katy Curd, on thie special trip!

Thursday 8 to Tuesday 13 September 2022.
Price: €950 / £825 per person.

We are delighted that Katy Curd, former four cross world champion and coach to Evie Richards, XC MTB world champion, will be returning to Pure Mountains this year.

Almond blossom in the Sierra Nevada

Spring with Pure Mountains

Spring is coming.

A new season is about to begin here at Pure Mountains and it’s our favourite time of the year. The winter is not particularly harsh here, but the seasonal change is startling and beautiful. The almonds are in blossom, with clouds of white and pink all over the rolling lower reaches of the Alpujarras. Buds are appearing on all the trees and the cherries are about to burst into life.

The weather is perfect for riding and the trails are in their best condition of the year.

Come and see for yourself!

Merry Christmas! ¡Feliz Navidad! Happy Holidays!

The long-awaited return of international guests to Pure Mountains in southern Spain made for a brilliant and memorable autumn/fall season. It was lovely to ride with you all!

Click here to enjoy a slideshow of some of our favourite moments of the season.

Check out our 2022 schedule of mountain bike short weeks and long weekends .

Scouting for mountain bike trails

Scouting for new routes

Here at Pure Mountains, whenever we have some free time, one of the things we love to do is to scout for new routes.

There are several reasons why we are always on the lookout for new trails:

Travel to Spain COVID restrictions

Travel in the time of coronavirus

Updated 18 June 2022

All of us here at Pure Mountains are very excited about welcoming back international guests.

This is our current understanding of the COVID-related travel rules. Please carry out your own checks on the rules which apply to you.

This useful, interactive map from Travel Safe Spain details the entry requirements for the country from which you are travelling and the restrictions on your return home.

The gearbox dream bike

We don't often have our 'own' bikes here at Pure Mountains, as our guide bikes are usually 'loaners' from the company providing the hire fleet. 

In 2020, with more time on his hands thanks to COVID, guide Tim had an opportunity to think about something different. 

He wanted a super-capable trail bike for guiding, but also one that could handle the occasional enduro race. As Spanish enduro events tend to be on the scary side of gnarly, a 29er with 160mm of travel seemed a good fit.

However, he wanted something else as well...

Racing in the time of Coronavirus

In 2020, Spanish mountain bike racing has been subject to confusion and cancellation.

Along with hundreds of other hopeful stage racers, Tim from Pure Mountains entered Volcat, La Rioja Bike Race, Asturias Bike Race, Mediterranean Extrem and La Rioja (again!). One by one they were cancelled. He experienced the hope and the disappointment that every person with plans has felt during this exasperating year. Was all his training going to go to waste?

Canyon Strive for sale

UPDATE: SOLD. For Sale: Canyon Strive 27.5" CF 9.0 Team Issue 2018

For sale: Canyon Strive 2018 CF 9.0 Team Issue, 27.5" wheels, size Large.

Guide Tim is selling his bike, which has been lovingly looked after.

See HD photos here. Watch walkaround video here.

Full carbon frame. Shape Shifter adjustable geometry.

Superb condition, but with some cosmetic marks to paintwork.

Bikepacking Oslo logo

What are you looking forward to? By Tatiana Broman from BikepackingOslo

The latest of our guest bloggers is Tatiana Broman. She tells us about setting up her exciting new venture, BikepackingOslo. Over to Tatiana...

"What are you looking forward to?

For me the spring of 2020 brought cancellations in the travel industry where I worked; the planned trips with family and friends were paused; and the bike-races I had trained for were postponed or cancelled altogether. I’m sure you recognize a similar scenario from your own life this strange year.


Time for something completely different. A bike with a gearbox.

The derailleur, cassette and chain have been with us for a very long time. As a system they are light, very efficient and ubiquitous.

However, here at Pure Mountains, we have lost count of the number of rear mechs, mech hangers, chains and cassettes that have faced the rocks of the Sierra Nevada and lost.

I've come to think that we should try something different, starting with my guide bike.

MTB Racing

"I don't race". Why mountain bike racing in Spain may change your mind.

"I don’t race”.

For many riders, the idea of entering the world of competitive mountain biking and putting a number on their bike is horrific.

Pain, misery, aggro, crashes, gels, ego, BS and much, much more.

Why on earth would you do that when there is so much to love about the sport without the added hassle of a start line?

All of the above is true; but only if you want it to be.

Here at Pure Mountains we race as often as we can. XC, Enduro and the very occasional DH. We do it for many reasons.

Mainland Spain Mountains Relief Map

¡España, por favor! Why Spain is the Best Country in the World for Mountain Biking

We think that Spain is the best place in the world to ride your bike. We’re espangelists.

Why? Here are some of the characteristics of Spain that make it such a mountain biking paradise.

Women's mountain biking

Why Not Start a Micro-brand? By Tom Redfern from Broken Riders

The latest of our guest bloggers is Tom Redfern, from mountain bike clothing brand Broken Riders, with an inspiring blog about setting up his business. Over to Tom...


Olly Morris from Pro Ride

An Intro to MTB Skills Coaching, by Olly Morris from from Pro Ride

Are you considering brushing up your skills?

At Pure Mountains, we offer guiding on all our trips and we are very happy to give technical hints and tips. For more structured, technical instruction, you might want to think about mountain bike skills coaching. We asked Pro Ride's Olly Morris for his thoughts.

Which Mountain Bike Wheels are Best? Expert advice from Graham Stock from Sixth Element

It's the eternal question: which wheels are best for your mountain bike? We asked Graham Stock, director of Sixth Element wheels. This is what he told us.


"Well, of course, this depends on where you want to ride, and what sort of rider you are.

But it is clear that changing your wheels has the single greatest effect, over and above other component choices, on the way that your bike rides.

Its easiest to break the approach to the question into four areas:

Mountain bike technical tips

Pure Mountains YouTube Channel

If you're looking for inspiration, insight or know-how, have a look at the Pure Mountains YouTube Channel.

We have recently added lots of new content, so we hope that you'll find something to interest you.

Choose from mountain bike holiday videos featuring sunny Spanish skies and dusty, rocky singletrack; interviews with guests; quirky shorts and the useful series called Tim's Tech Tips. 

Women's mountain bike holidays

Keep the Dream Alive! Book Now for 2020 and Pay No Deposit.

Give yourself something to look forward to: book your 2020 trip to Pure Mountains now, without having to pay a deposit!

You will be guaranteeing that you get your preferred dates, before the post-lockdown booking frenzy starts up. 

The 20% deposit will only become due once the coronavirus travel restrictions are lifted.

The Mulhacén XC Lockdown Challenge

11 April 2020

Mulhacén, in the Sierra Nevada mountains, is mainland Spain's highest peak, at 3479 metres.

In the grounds of the Pure Mountains farmhouse, we have a cross country (XC) course, that has a total 31 metres of elevation.

One Saturday in April 2020, during the coronavirus lockdown when we could only exercise outdoors on our own land, Pure Mountains' Tim Kirkus 'climbed' Mulhacén, by bike, on the XC course.

The 112 laps took 12 hours, more or less non-stop.


Pure Mountains Coronavirus / COVID-19 Situation Report. Update 13 June 2020

Update 26 July 2020.

After a super-strict lockdown and carefully-managed de-escalation stages, Spain has now entered "la nueva normalidad", or new normality.

International visitors from nearly all European countries, and 15 other countires worldwide, have been welcomed back, with big smiles and warm hearts, since 1 July 2020.

Trip planning

Enduro Mountainbike Magazine Visits Pure Mountains

We were delighted to host Enduro Mountainbike Magazine, Europe's leading online MTB magazine.

Felix and Sarah enjoyed riding some of the best trails of the Sierra Nevada. The fantastic, early-spring sunshine was perfect for taking photos, too.

You can read the article in English and in German, but the takeaway quote has to be:

2019 Trek Remedy 8 For Sale

ALL SOLD. 2019 TREK REMEDY 8s FOR SALE. Price €1999 / £1750 including EU delivery.

Price: €1999/ £1750 including EU delivery
Retail price for these bikes is €2999 / £2700
A fantastic, full-suspension, 27.5” trail / enduro bike

New look website

New Look Website

You're looking at our re-launched, re-designed website. It's got a whole new look with a more contemporary theme and fresh photos.

We hope that you like it! Let us know.

Enduro racing

Enduro Race Trip, November 2019

Join us for two days of guided enduro preparation riding at Pure Mountains. Then race at the weekend!

Ride Sierra Nevada Enduro is an awesome event in the spectacular scenery of the northern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Pure Mountains is on the southern side of the range, so you'll be well into the groove of riding the local terrain by race day.

The trip runs from Wednesday 6 to Monday 11 November 2019 (five nights' accommodation, four days' riding). Price €795 / £695 per person, excluding flights and race registration.

Olly takes a bend

Skills Coaching Trip with Pro Ride's Olly Morris: 24 to 29 October, 2019

Join this trip to become a better, faster, safer all-round rider, while enjoying the best of the trails of Spain's Sierra Nevada.

Trek Remedy 8 hire bikes

New Trek Remedy Hire Bikes for 2019

We've just taken delivery of the fantastic new 2019 Trek Remedy 8s. You can hire one of these beauties to ride on your Pure Mountains trip.

Nati the stray pup

Nati, the Stray Puppy, Finds a Home!

Nati turned up on the terrace at Pure Mountains one evening, earlier this summer. She was just a young puppy: about eight weeks old and covered in ticks and fleas.

It turned out that a nearby farmer had got her to be a guard dog, but decided that she was unsuitable.

Nati stayed with us for a few weeks and turned out to be a real sweetheart. Through the wonder of Facebook, a lovely family in the UK decided to adopt her and she is now happily living in Liverpool.

Go Nati!

Andy and Heidi

Pure Mountains Trip Blog, by Andy

If you would like to get a taste of the Pure Mountains experience, have a look at recent guest Andy's blog.

Andy and Heidi are experienced mountain bikers from Colorado, USA who are currently resident in Rome.

Breakfast before biking

The Perfect Mountain Biker's Breakfast

Napoleon Bonaparte said that an army marches on its stomach.

Fellow Frenchman, Frederic, clearly feels that the same is true of mountain bikers. He was a big fan of breakfast on the terrace at the Pure Mountains farmhouse during his recent stay. Thanks for the photo, Fred!

Valley of Death

New Short Video: Riding the Valley of Death in Spain

Give us 2 minutes and 35 seconds of your time and we'll give you singletrack heaven...

Ready to race

Enduro Racing is Fun!

Last weekend, Team Pure Mountains headed off to Cercedilla, in the hills near Madrid, for our first ever enduro format race.

Now we see why enduro is all the rage. It's fantastic!

MMMMmmm. Beer.

Heavy Horse Makes Way For Black Goat

Here at Pure Mountains, we brew our own real ale, for you to enjoy at the farmhouse.

There are still a few bottles of Heavy Horse left in the store, and the new batch of Black Goat is now ready to drink. Glug.


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