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The Pure Mountains farmhouse is, more or less, at point A on this map.

"Red poppies, yellow broom and pink sweetpeas colour the fields; wild thyme, lavender, sage and rosemary scent the air. In between shimmering fields of wheat and barley, rows of olive trees march down terraces. Across this timeless land run hundreds of mostly unmarked and unmapped tracks - perfect mountain biking territory" - The Guardian

We are near the village of Bérchules in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park of Andalucía, Spain.

The region is known as The Alpujarra.

The Alpujarra is a flank of land that stretches southwards from the east-west watershed of the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the Mediterranean coast. The highest peak, Mulhacén, reaches 3,482 metres in a lunar, almost desolate, landscape. The coast is known as La Costa Tropical for its lush sugar cane and fruit plantations. Between these two extremes lies a verdant paradise of southern facing meadows and terraces, irrigated by snowmelt and Moorish water channels and dotted with flat-roofed, whitewashed villages, of which Bérchules is one.

Bérchules is a delightful village. It's off the beaten tourist trail (the old folk and their mules will look you at with friendly curiosity) but there are plenty of bars and restaurants to chose from. If you happen to be with us in August then, believe it or not, you can join in the New Year celebrations.