Women's Page

Why isn't there a men's page? Just because.

At Pure Mountains we pride ourselves on being particularly female-friendly and about 40% of our guests are women, which is pretty good for mountain biking. We achieve this by having a female guide and fostering a non-macho environment. Which is absolutely not to say that the riding can't be tough and demanding because, as we all know, when the going gets tough, the girls tend to excel.

On a practical / delicate note : out on the trail, loo stops tend to be behind bushes, although we can sometimes stop in a village and use the loo in local bar.

Please don't bring a hairdryer or straighteners, as the solar power system can't cope with them. Helmet hair isn't so bad! A recent guest revealed that frizzy hair can be tamed with giant rollers, available form all good hair salons, apparently.

We have women's saddles, which we can fit to the hire bikes and which will make an enormous difference to your cycling comfort. Or even better, bring your own saddle.

If you're looking for a good women's saddle for your own bike, we recommend the Selle Italia Gel Flow Lady (very sturdy) or Diva (a bit lighter but also more delicate).